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How BU Students Spend Their Free Time

By Katrina Scalise

With the semester winding down and finals right around the corner, BU students are stressed. To decompress after classes, beloved hobbies can be therapeutic. They bring a sense of calm to the chaos that comes with exam season.

There are over 450+ clubs and groups to get involved with, according to Boston University Admissions. However, students aren’t limited to just campus organizations. BU Students spend their spare time doing what they love, including working out, reading, watching movies, and exploring Boston.

Outside of class, Avery Hellberg (COM ‘25) said she mostly reads, works out, and hangs out with friends.

Hellberg noted that she turns to reading to get her mind off schoolwork.

“It’s my form of escapism, and I enjoy not having to think about things other than the characters in books and the storylines,” she said.

She also likes working out at FitRec, greatly enjoying its close proximity.

“I enjoy both the mental and physical rewards that I get from it, and also that it’s so accessible for all BU students,” she said. “We have such great facilities so close.”

If you’re looking to get your gym on, FitRec is most likely available to you too. Full-time students are granted automatic access to FitRec’s facilities, and can attend classes there, as well, with everything from swimming to dance, yoga, and more.

Alex Eduarte (Sargent ‘25) enjoys getting active and de-stressing by exploring the city.

“I like to go and do my own thing,” she said. “Usually, I’ll just walk around Newbury and go to a coffee shop, just take some time alone, like a little reset for me.”

Although she’s a STEM major, Eduarte spends her spare time dabbling in more expressive efforts.

“I like to thrift, and I love creating lots of playlists because I listen to a lot of different music,” she said.

Kaylee Molendyk (Questrom ‘25) spends her free time creatively as well, by doing her own nail art.

“It’s a great way for me to get my mind off of things,” she said. “I love to just put my AirPods in and watch a movie or listen to music, as well as be creative. I loved painting at home, so nails were a fun way for me to paint in a more ‘portable’ way.”

Rachel Lin (COM ‘25) combines creativity and passion through her hobbies.

“I like dancing,” she said. “I used to compete, but now I’m doing Chinese traditional dance. I also like making jewelry.”

Lin also likes to spend time in nature, as she finds listening to podcasts or music while walking around the Esplanade, BU Beach, or the Northeastern campus very calming.

She spends the rest of her free time involved in several clubs on campus, including professional clubs, like PRSSA and Charcoal Magazine.

Lin added that these activities serve as passion projects for her.

“You meet a lot of people who have similar interests, and the community makes it better,” she said. “You get to be creative. There’s due dates, but it’s not really like, ‘Oh, I hate doing this’. It’s stuff I want to do.”

Clubs also provide an outlet for Kit Iyer (CAS/COM ‘24), who is part of WTBU's show "Man Eater".

“My favorite activity is being a DJ on "Man Eater"!” she said. “It’s made me grow a lot as a person and explore a variety of new things, thanks to the people I’ve met through it. Also, I love the playlists we make each week.”

Whether it’s through campus clubs or entirely independent hobbies, BU students enjoy spending their free time on labors of love.

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