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Living for Fulfillment

Not an easy task, but so worth it

By Zach Murray.

Every time you open TikTok, you might see a dialogue referencing “that girl” versus “this girl.” Those who consider themselves “that girl” post days in the life of waking up at sunrise, drinking green juice in the mornings, and working out every day. Their aesthetics are filled with neutral tones, matching workout sets, and smiles plastered to their faces. Those on the other side, the ones considered “this girl,” stand for embracing yourself as you are. If that means waking up at noon, taking lazy days when you feel like it, and not trying to simply“girl boss” your way to the top, embrace it.

Although TikTok may imply that being “that girl” or “this girl” is an either/or, it doesn’t have to be. No one can drink green juice every morning, and most people don’t sleep past noon every day— so why choose a side? Instead, you should do the things that make you feel the most fulfilled. There are many ways that you can make your life more fulfilling. Here are just ideas, something you can add into your life to make it feel a little more whole, while not having to choose between being “that girl” or “this girl”:

  1. Take yourself on a date: this is a fairly common tip, but a powerful one. Whenever you have a free hour or two, treat yourself to a nice meal, order your favorite food, and just enjoy getting to know yourself. If you can enjoy a solo outing, you will have a new appreciation for how valuable your company is, and therefore you won’t give it to people that don’t deserve it.

  2. Embrace your guilty pleasures: so much of life consists of fulfilling your obligations, so, in the limited free time you have, embrace your guilty pleasures! One of the most rewarding things is when you have a night off and can eat your favorite frozen trader joe’s meal while watching the trashiest TV show you can find. If you take time to honor your wants and needs, you will have much more energy to complete your other obligations.

  3. Make a silly little routine: although you certainly don’t have to stick to it every day, developing a routine can help bring a sense of purpose to those days you’re feeling drained and adrift. Whether that means going for a walk to get your morning coffee, a workout routine, or time to debrief with your roommates every day, a flexible routine can bring joy to an otherwise bland day.

You can do so many things to live a more fulfilled life. Don’t worry about being “this girl” or “that girl,” be whoever you want. Whatever it is you want to add, make sure it brings you joy.

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