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Mixed Metals; Styling Silver and Gold Jewelry

Silver? Gold? Or both? Why choose just one metal when the perfectly crafted outfit can balance the elegant alloys just as well. 

By: Madison Lamacchia 

Picture of a hand with a gold ring and black stones holding onto a hand with a silver and gold watch
Photo By: Emma Almaraz

In a world full of jewelry, mixing metals has emerged as a stylish and versatile approach to accessorizing. Gone are the days when one adhered strictly to either silver or gold; today, the artful combination of these two precious metals allows for a more dynamic and expressive style. Whether this style is new to you or not, understanding the art of mixing metals can elevate your look and add a touch of personal flair. 

Layering: A Subtle Approach to Mixing Silver and Gold Jewelry

Layering is a popular technique in the jewelry world, and it’s a great way to combine silver and gold pieces for a more subtle and elegant look. Be sure to choose pieces that complement each other in terms of style, size, and texture.

Layering Earrings

Keep it simple with a pair of silver hoops or huggies and delicate gold studs in your second piercing. For a bolder look –– layer studs, hoops, and danglers in contrasting hues.

Layering Rings

When layering rings, opt for dainty pieces to maintain a polished look. You can also experiment with different techniques, such as creating the illusion of a single ring spanning multiple fingers or stacking multiple rings for a trendy stacked effect.

Multi-Metal Pieces: A Harmonious Bridge

To effortlessly embrace the trend of mixing metals, consider incorporating a piece that seamlessly blends both silver and gold. For instance, try rings and bracelets crafted with two intertwined bands, each composed of a distinct metal. 

Adding a piece like this can give you confidence in your style choices because it’s been carefully designed for aesthetic harmony. Investing in a mixed-metal piece will enhance your existing jewelry collection and elevate your future outfits.

Where to Wear

Even if you strongly prefer to wear silver or gold due to its complementing effect on your skin tone or eye color, mixing metals can still be exciting. Consider wearing your favorite metal for pieces closer to your face, such as earrings and necklaces, and save the second metal for rings and bracelets.


Keep it Balanced, or Don’t

Whether you prefer a balanced ratio of silver and gold or enjoy the boldness of one metal dominating the other –– the choice is yours. Confidence is the most important accessory –– so if you feel your best in silver with accents of gold (or vice versa), embrace your personal style. 

Mixing metals has emerged as a stylish approach to accessorizing. By following this advice, you can confidently incorporate both silver and gold into your jewelry wardrobe, creating unique and stylish looks that reflect your personal aesthetic.


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