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On-Campus Alternatives to Dining Halls

By Alexis Puthussery

Most students make their way to one of the three dining halls on BU’s main campus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You’ll find a steady stream of students going in and out of Warren, West, and Marciano dining throughout the day.

The employees at these halls do a great job of preparing food, and making these spaces welcoming for students. However, after going to the same spot every day, students may be seeking something else to treat themselves and their appetites once in a while.

The following are great places on campus where you can use both your dining and convenience points to mix things up from the dining hall, and grab a delicious bite to eat.

To start the day off with a tasty breakfast, head to Einstein Bros! Tucked away in the basement of CAS, many students who don’t take classes in that building have never gotten the chance to check it out. They sell bagels, breakfast sandwiches, and pastries for you to start your day with a filling meal. Wash it down with one of their fresh juices or coffee to complete your breakfast. Be sure to order on GrubHub in advance, as the wait is always lengthy due to all the students at CAS craving Einstein!

One of the most popular spots on campus is Raising Cane's in West Campus. Right by Nickerson Field (open until 10pm for dine-in and 12am for take-out), Cane’s is a great place to grab some delicious fried chicken. While the chicken and fries are great, what will sell you on Cane’s is their crispy Texas Toast. Cane's is available to order on the GrubHub app.

For something a bit lighter than a basket of fried chicken, try Basho! Basho has two locations on campus. One location, at the George Sherman Union, has a great sushi menu and poke bowls. The other location, by Warren Towers, has a more extensive menu. At this location, you can find more kinds of sushi and bowls, ranging from chicken to seafood based. They also have sushi burritos for a great on-the-go meal. Additionally, this Basho has a variety of drink and dessert options, including their own boba menu! Neither location has indoor dining as of now, so keep that in mind when you check it out.

Finally, when you’re getting those late night cravings and a simple snack in your dorm won’t cut it, try heading over to one of the Late Nite Cafes at the West and Warren dining halls, or the Bay State Underground (located the floor below Marciano dining hall). At these locations, you’ll find a large menu, ranging from smoothies to quesadillas to ice cream. Whether you want a place to hang out and eat with friends at night, or need some food to fuel a late night study session, these places are the perfect choice!

Utilizing your dining plan in the best way possible takes practice. There are some great places to eat on BU’s campus, which will let you do this—you shouldn’t hesitate to take advantage of it. The next time you find yourself groaning at the thought of another round of a meal you had the day before at the dining hall, be sure to remember all the other food options that this campus has to offer!

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