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Discover the magic of Paris and the thrill of the Games, even if you can’t attend the Olympics firsthand.

By Cameron Heffernan

Photo By Valerie Dreyfuss

This year, the 2024 Paris Olympics project has been solely focused on the idea of “openness.” Taking the slogan “Games Wide Open,” the Summer Games will be a groundbreaking event where monuments will be turned into arenas, streets will be filled with people from all walks of life, and the combination of both art and sport will be emphasized. The Paris Olympics are setting up to be quite a spectacle, but with limited ticket availability and high prices, is it worth the journey? The city will be filled with Olympic spirit; getting tickets to the Games may not be worth the money, but experiencing Paris will be!

First, if you plan on attending the Games, buying expensive tickets isn’t an extravagant ordeal. Go to the official ticketing page for the Paris 2024 Olympics and see what events are still available. Tickets are sold on a rolling basis, so if your selected event is sold out, make an account, and you will be notified when new tickets become available. This remains true up until the Games: tickets are constantly being sold (and resold). 

For people traveling on a budget but still wanting to feel the buzz of the Olympics — don’t give up hope just yet! When it comes to reserving hotel and Airbnb accommodations, booking far in advance will be your friend. With prices already starting to double their regular rates, owners are taking advantage of surge pricing. When looking for less expensive accommodations, you can use travel comparison sites to see an aggregated list of living accommodations. You can also try searching outwards, to the outskirts of the city, and find a small B&B. Many Parisian hotels offer free cancellation, so make sure to look at the cancellation charges — just in case better options become available. 

Even without tickets to the Games, Paris will still be a lively, entertaining, and sporty summer destination. The French government promises to pay special attention to opening hotel accommodations to as many people as possible and already has plans for fun events outside the Olympic Village, such as break dancing competitions, beach volleyball tournaments, and more! In addition, the best spot to watch the Olympics will be Parc de La Villetté. This is a gorgeous art-filled park in the northeastern part of the city. This park will become the “home to Club France,” where French athletes and fans will come together to celebrate and cheer on their representations. Other nations will also be taking over different sections of the city to have similar venues filled with massive screens that will live-stream the entire event. 

If you plan on going to Europe this summer, make sure to end your trip in Paris for the Olympic Games. Tickets or no tickets, this historic city is setting up to host the event of the year with artistic, athletic, and cultural experiences you won’t want to miss.


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