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Nights at the Planetarium

The Museum of Science’s Best-Kept Secret.

By Katie Tarnutzer

Photo by

If you're looking for something to do this Friday or Saturday night, look no further than the planetarium at the Museum of Science. Every Friday and Saturday, the Charles Hayden Planetarium hosts a myriad of planetarium shows; these exhibitions feature a diverse range of artists, with new ones being featured every few months. Currently, you can select from Pink Floyd, Coldplay, Prince, and Rihanna. These shows combine a plethora of stunning visuals and iconic soundtracks.

Although the artists featured tend to cycle, one is a constant fixture: Laser Floyd has been a legend at the Museum of Science’s planetarium for years. This show spans over 50 minutes, and is set to the soundtrack of Dark Side of the Moon. As you sit down in the planetarium’s comfortable chairs, the dome above you goes completely black. Then, the ceiling begins to illuminate with stunning laser visuals as "Speak to Me" starts playing. When you visit this show, you are taken under the spell of these laser visuals, accompanied by Pink Floyd’s masterpiece of an album.

Important to note, not every show utilizes lasers. Last fall, I visited the planetarium for the Radiohead experience — this show did not feel like 50 minutes. It artfully pairs psychedelic visuals with a curated playlist of Radiohead’s hits and underground classics. The visuals set to “Fake Plastic Trees” were honestly breathtaking. The planetarium's configuration causes the images on the dome to fill your entire field of vision. It is truly an immersive experience.

If you’re looking for something to do for your next date night or even a night out with friends, I highly recommend the planetarium’s shows. Although the artist’s shows are the highlight, the planetarium also has “Wonders of the Night Sky” and monthly sky charts that are featured. At only $10 for entry, the experience is incredibly worth it.


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