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Recognizing and Accessing the Healing Powers of your Hair

By Richa Jindal

Photo by Pexels

Have you ever experienced a time where something has gone wrong and you just want a haircut or a new look? Have you ever known that your friend was going through something simply by how they changed their hair? Why do we feel this need to change our hair when we go through something undesirable?

We often overlook the spiritual nature of our hair, which holds and receives energy. I first realized the importance of hair as a spiritual tool when BU Alert sent out the wind chill warning, alerting us to cover our heads because it is where we can lose the most amount of heat. This got me thinking, and I realized that how we care for our hair can induce positive energy. When I feel nervous or shy, I reach out to play with my hair. When I want to feel motivated to study, I tie up my hair. And, when I comb my hair, I feel relaxed and centered. Think about how you interact with your hair. Can you relate?

Hair is believed to be an extension of the nervous system, which maintains the electromagnetic field of our body. According to Vedic literature, hair has the power to absorb solar energy during the day and lunar energy at night to regulate and maintain a life force within us. It also protects the crown chakra, i.e. situated on our heads, which is said to express wisdom, self-knowledge, and higher consciousness. So, after confronting and interacting with this new belief, I’d like to offer you three simple ways to access the healing and energetic power of your hair.

Massaging with oil

Earlier, I would only oil my hair when my mother would force me to. It’s only this semester that I have embraced and begun to adore this age-old tradition. I now look forward to washing my hair because it means I get an extra twenty minutes of massaging my hair with a natural oil. However, every night I take a drop of oil, run it through my hair and gently massage my scalp to destress and calm my nerves.


Of course, who doesn’t comb their hair? However, here is a simple way to bring mindfulness and activation while practicing this daily activity. Firstly, use a tooth comb, preferably wooden, rather than a brush. A comb promotes blood circulation in the scalp, hair growth, and reduces loss of hair. It is also far gentler on your hair than a brush, thereby inducing a relaxing feeling rather than a hurried or aggressive motion. While combing your hair, set an intention for the day and focus it on your eyebrow center to take full advantage of your practice.

Solar and Lunar energy

To access the benefits that hair can provide you through solar and lunar energy, make sure to tie up your hair during the day to soak in all the solar energy you can, and utilize the vital life force it gives you. At night, it is better to leave your hair loose so you can be in line with lunar energy and reap its benefits. For people with longer hair, braiding your hair at night is very helpful, as it doesn’t get in your way and maintains the loose state that your hair should be in.


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