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With the ongoing pandemic, the holiday of love will definitely look different this year. That’s why, whether you’re in a relationship or not, it’s also important to give yourself some love during this time. Below are some ways to safely celebrate the holiday, whether it’s with a significant other, a group of friends, or simply a practice of self-care.

Small and Simple

Keeping things on the smaller side is key this year, but that doesn’t mean your plans should be boring. However, regardless of what you choose to do, it’s important to comply with BU’s COVID-19 Policy.

Painting With Pals

Single? Taken? In a long-distance relationship? One idea is to have a painting night. Canvases and paint can be found in various stores near BU, and they are relatively inexpensive. Follow a YouTube video or simply let your creativity guide your brush. If you’re 21-years-old or over, it may also be fun to add some wine to this fun activity.

Fun Photoshoots

One of the best things about being stuck indoors during the pandemic is that you can dress however you want regardless of the weather outside. Use this to your advantage! Dress up, add some lights and maybe a colorful backdrop, then have a photoshoot with your friends or roommates.

Salon & Spa

For the perfect self-care activity, grab some nail polish and face masks and treat yourself to a relaxing night in. Maybe watch a movie or catch up on a TV show to take a break from the stress of a long school week.

Dinner for Two

Dinner dates will likely look different this year. While a handful of restaurants do have both indoor and outdoor seating, and reservations can be made, it may be better to skip the fancy dinner this Valentine’s Day. Takeout is always a good option, but sometimes it isn’t as enjoyable. Instead, buy the ingredients for your favorite meal and cook it together.


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