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Select x Swaps Thrifting Event

Forming community through a shared love of fashion

By Mia Overbo 

Graphic By Alicia Chiang

Back in November, I went to a Select x Swaps thrifting event. I bought a wallet. I walked out with no more money.

However, not only did I walk out with my new favorite clothes, but with new connections to vendors and thrifters as well.

On February 18th, Select Markets collaborated again with Sustainable Swaps for a Clothing Swap & Vintage Pop-up. They had live DJs, free drinks, and onsite alterations at The Foundry Cambridge on 101 Rogers Street. They hosted 30+ vendors and 2,000+ pieces.

At these pop-ups, you’ll find different clothes every time yet run into the same people. It’s a little community, and that’s the best part.

Last year, I met fashion icon and BU student Prianna Sharan (CAS ‘25). 

“It’s way more community-oriented than other forms of shopping…there is really way more to the experience than just clothes,” said Sharan.

Sharan and her friend Remi Chester (QST ‘25) help Select Markets advertise using Popple, a platform for posting Boston events. Check it out at

I also met Deondre Jones, the owner of High Society Vintage, when I spotted a unique early 2000s Rocawear black and gold puffer with a fur-lined hood. We bonded over that find. Both of us were excited that it was going to get good use. 

“I just knew somebody would fall in love with that jacket,” Jones said. 

Buying second-hand creates connections between buyers, sellers, and the clothes themselves. For instance, the little black vintage Coach wallet I bought had a story behind it. I discovered that it used to belong to the vendor’s mother, who used it daily when she was my age. 

“It feels like a community of friends,” said Jones. “When you couple that with a solid curation of vendors and DJs, you’ve got yourself a great event.” 

You can find Jones on Instagram at @highsocietyvintage.

Even though there was no money in my new wallet when I left the market, the sense of community I was left with felt priceless. 


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