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“Some Things Will Never Change”

Amid a constantly shifting world, the enduring nature of certain routines can serve as a lifeline.

By Vincent Semidey

Graphic By Sarah Tocci

In the corner of the dimly lit cafe,

there sits a figure, hunched over the counter,

ordering the same drink day after day,

as if clinging to a lifeline, a constant anchor.

The world spins on its axis, ever-shifting,

but in this small corner, time stands still,

a refuge from the chaos, a moment of gifting,

the comfort of familiarity, a tranquil thrill.

The barista knows the order by heart:

the cup placed gently on the worn-out coaster,

a ritual repeated, a routine set apart,

in this sanctuary, where change is a foreign impostor.

The liquid warmth soothes the restless soul,

a familiar taste, a sense of stability,

in a world full of turmoil, beyond control,

this simple act offers tranquility.


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