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Boston University Students Give Their Take On BU’s LfA Model

by Kelsey Martirano

With the hope to accommodate all students during the pandemic, Boston University introduced a “Learn From Anywhere” model earlier this year; however, not all were pleased.

Boston University’s LfA program is designed to provide students with a choice of how they will attend class during the pandemic, whether it’s in the classroom in-person, or remotely from a residence hall or house off-campus.

Following interviews with various BU students, both on-campus and off, responses were evenly mixed between positive and negative.

When asked about the pros of remote learning, Maxwell James (Questrom ’22), an off-campus student, praised the perks of “flexibility with scheduling and not having to worry about making it across campus in time for the next class.” James continued saying that “professors are more accessible,” thanks to being online, and that the “family and school balance is easier” at home.

Despite feeling less “connected to the class” than those in the classroom and having to work “harder to get my questions answered during class,” James appreciates remote learning.

“I feel like I am getting the same or in some cases better educational experience being online,” he said.

However, on-campus student Schuylar Kiley (CAS ’23) wasn’t so thrilled about her online classes.

“The only pro to being remote is waking up five minutes before class,” she said. Although she lives on campus, all of her classes are taken online through Zoom.

“I cannot sit at my desk for three hours straight and listen to zoom lectures,” Kiley said. “It is unnatural and counterproductive. As being a science major, it is very difficult to learn all of the material over the computer. I also am going stir crazy sitting in my room all day.”

In what might seem paradoxical, students living at home and learning remotely appeared to be in higher spirits than those on campus. Despite location though, attending classes online appeared to be a common thread among the students interviewed.

Lina Shaker (COM ’23), a remote student overseas, is grateful for the LfA program.

“I get to spend more time with my family and be safe,” said Shaker, thanking LfA for the opportunity to continue learning despite the pandemic.


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