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The Best Safe and Socially Distanced Study Spots on Campus

by Amanda Schneider

Finding the perfect place to study amid a global pandemic can be difficult. On top of worrying about someone taking your favorite seat in Mugar or at the GSU, you also have to worry about people not adhering to social distancing and other safety protocols. Luckily, there are plenty of COVID-safe study spots across campus (both indoors and outdoors) that will allow you to focus on whatever schoolwork comes your way.

1. BU Beach

The BU beach is the perfect place to study, if the weather permits. On any sunny day, you can see dozens of students spread out across the grass, chatting and working. If you don’t want to sit directly on the grass, there are also numerous picnic tables and benches spread out along the Beach. Signs scattered around remind students to keep their masks on while they enjoy the outdoors; it’s also a great spot to do some people-watching while you get through that last Zoom lecture or the rest of your chem homework.

2. Kilachand Hall—Ninth Floor

The Kilachand Hall study room is located on the nineth floor, however, it is currently only accessible to those with a green badge living on Bay State Road. From experience, the study room has been pretty empty, and all the chairs and tables are spread apart from each other to adhere to social distancing. In addition, there’s a killer view. It’s also heated, which is a bonus during the winter.

3. First Floor of the Howard Thurman Center

The first floor of the Howard Thurman Center (808 Commonwealth Avenue for those who don’t know) is a recently renovated and highly underrated study spot. There is plenty of space to sit and do your work, and there is an abundance of different places to do so, such as at a desk, table, or even a couch. Like Kilachand Hall, everything is spread out to adhere to social distancing, and a green badge is required to enter.

4. Common Room in Your Building

If you live on-campus, there’s a chance that there’s a common room somewhere in your building. From experience, these common rooms are usually pretty quiet, and there’s plenty of room to safely study with those on your floor or in your building. They’re perfect for getting out of your dorm room and having a change of scenery—just don’t forget to keep your mask on!

If any of these places aren’t for you, Boston University also has numerous rooms across campus that students can reserve through the Student Study App. These rooms are located in buildings such as the GSU, COM and CAS, and allow you to have a private study space practically wherever and whenever you want.


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