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Summering in Style

A Guide To The Best Luggage For All Of Your Travel Plans.

By Meg McKenzie

Photo by Pinterest

Spring has sprung, and with summer just around the corner, questions are being raised about the best beaches, fine dining, and travel destinations. However, many voyagers forget one crucial aspect of their summer vacations: how to pack.

In this 21st-century online shopping phenomenon (with every possible resource at your disposal), finding the best bang for your buck in a travel bag can be difficult. Hence why I, your loyal luggage servant, have compiled a list of only the best baggage for your travels.

Sure, you can easily stuff a 22-inch suitcase with swimsuits, sunscreen, and all your favorite summer shorts, but is that really the best way to maximize your luggage space? Sustainable travel brand Solgaard begs to differ.

Displaying words of praise from Forbes and Time on the forefront of their website, Solgaard offers an array of seemingly ordinary suitcases and backpacks with a tiny twist. Once these bags are opened, they reveal a closet-like stacking of compartments that can be extended or compacted, making for the perfect baggage if you lack storage during your travels.

Keeping with the trend of innovative accouterments, Beis, a luggage brand started by television star Shay Mitchell, has a variety of storage-conscious baggage with vibrant colors. Their best-selling Weekender bag with countless pockets and pouches, including a sturdy shoe nook, is quintessential for a small weekend getaway.

If you plan to escape the heat this summer, the brand Burton offers stylish storage bags for skis and snowboards that range from basic neutrals to fun patterns, offered at an affordable price with frequent sales. At the higher end of the price range is Rimowa, which has an array of luxuriously sturdy bags for varying categories from “original” to “personal,” a bag fit for every type of trip.

Traveling in style doesn’t have to be as tricky as it seems, and with these packing partners, you’ll be set for a summer in the destinations of your dreams.

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