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Looking for your next show to watch? Netflix has made some original series, and I’ve put together the best in one article just for you!

By Anamaria Popovska

Netflix has given us some of the most entertaining, iconic, and addictive original shows to watch. So, I’ve compiled a few of my favorites that you guys need to check out. Make sure your schedule’s cleared out though, ‘cause you’re gonna be glued to your screen after starting these series.

Underrated Shows

There are so many underrated Netflix Originals, like Space Force — a comedy about exactly what it sounds like: a space force, but run by some interesting characters. It's definitely not a popular show, but it features iconic actors such as Steve Carell and Lisa Kudrow.

Next, there’s Cobra Kai. This show isn't just for your ten-year-old cousin to watch; it's legitimately a great show. It has action, drama, comedy, and romance, following the Karate Dojo Cobra Kai. If you were a Karate Kid fan, this will be your favorite by far.

Grace and Frankie — this show is hilarious. Two women who hated each other end up becoming closer than ever, when their husbands fall in love with each other. It's hilarious, and a must-see.

Reality TV

Netflix has blessed us with some exciting reality TV shows.

Love is Blind is a series where people are given the opportunity to fall in love blind. Like, seriously, they can't see the person they’re talking to. The show follows the couples throughout their journey, and showcases their reactions when seeing each other for the first time.

The Circle is another excellent Netflix Original reality show if romance isn't your thing. It's a contest where players are meant to communicate online, and vote people out. But, players can choose to play as themselves or as another person, coined ‘catfishing’. So, when voting, they have to try to vote out the players they think are lying about their identity.

Shows That Shouldn't Have Been Canceled

While Netflix has blessed us with some binge-worthy content, they’ve also broken our hearts by not renewing some shows.

TikTok was heartbroken when it was announced that The Society was not getting renewed, and so was I. The Society was one of my top Netflix Originals, but it was dropped after just one season. However, It's still worth the watch: there’s action, drama, and romance, as a group of high school teenagers are trapped in their town with no escape and, more importantly, no adults.

If you're looking for a more lighthearted show, Anne with an E is for you. It follows the life of Anne of Green Gables, and is based on the novel. While the show did get 3 seasons, it was discontinued right when it started to get good. It's definitely a comfort show that ended too early.

Shows That Everyone Went Crazy For

So, we’ve talked about underrated shows and series that were not appreciated enough. However, some originals broke the record charts.

Squid Game, which I'm sure most people have already heard of, is definitely a show you need to watch. The crazy tasks and unusual concept of the show - a game where if you lose, you die - reels the viewers in. Seriously, I finished the show in a matter of days.

Another original, Bridgerton, also became very popular thanks to TikTok. A musical was even written for it. This show was excellent; the cinematography, the scenery, and the costumes made everything pop. I may have finished Squid Games in a matter of days, but Bridgerton I literally finished in a day. It was Christmas Eve 2020, and my cousin, sister, and I stayed up all night watching the show, finishing it by morning.

My All-Time Favorite Netflix Original Series

My top Netflix Original that you have to drop everything right now to watch is… A Series of Unfortunate Events. This is the most interesting, eye-pleasing, and emotional show I’ve ever watched. One of the reasons I love this show so much is the set design and the costumes.

Not only that, but I adore the uniqueness and the suspense of the story as well. It’s very different, which makes it so appealing to watch. And, if you read the books when you were younger, you have to watch the series.

It brings the Lemony Snicket books to life, and has an exciting storyline. The Jim Carrey movie from the early 2000s is nothing compared to the Netflix Original series. The show’s not for everyone, but it is for you if you love unusual sets and very predictable storylines.

So there you go, folks! My list of the best Netflix original shows to watch. Now it's up to you to choose which you want to binge first, if you haven't already watched all of them like me, of course.

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