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Boston Food Tiktokers to Follow

By Sophia Pasquale

We’ve all been there— you look at the time, and realize you’ve fallen into an infinite Tiktok tunnel, paralyzed by watching your screen for one too many hours. Maybe you even missed a meal while you were busy swiping, liking, and dueting. Instead, consider turning your scrolling into a walk or ride to local dining spots in your city! Here is a comprehensive list of trendy Boston Tiktokers you should follow right now for reliable and refreshing food recommendations.

1. @Jordansplatefoodie

Attention Boston! Foodie Jordan is a big supporter of local businesses and delicious food. She reviews restaurants in Boston and Portland Maine. One scroll through her Tiktok will leave you prepared for an entire year’s worth of brunch spots to check out. She also runs a very active blog and Instagram. Jordan should be your go-to for drinks and dessert recommendations.

2. @bostonfoodgram

Emma started her blog as an Instagram account, as the name reveals, and then brought her following with her to Tiktok. Take a look at her visually pleasing videos to find recommendations for everything but the kitchen sink. Her community has grown immensely, which goes to show, she has some of the best Boston recs. And, if you are also looking to stay in, Emma has special recipes for unique food combinations such as Meatball Toast and Pumpkin Alfredo.

3. @taylorscooper

This Tiktoker is a friend and foodie all in one. Taylor is known for showing you Boston’s hidden gems, and makes you feel included in her own life as she tries out new restaurants and cafés. She is your go-to for the best food in Chinatown, hidden bars in the North End, and so much more.

4. @forkingwitharmani

Known for his best of Boston lists, Armani is your go-to for the most Instagrammable and over the top spots in Beantown. Each of his videos focus on a new favorite spot that is Armani-approved. He even has a video with Chef Gordon Ramsay at his new restaurant in The Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

5. @olddirtyboston

On this account, a Boston native passionately reviews hole-in-the-wall restaurants in the Boston area. He becomes friends with all of the owners, and gives his completely honest reviews. Join the over 100,000 followers of this account to gain an authentic Bostonian food experience.

6. @coffeeshopsofboston

Coffee fanatics! Listen up. With the seemingly infinite amount of coffee spots in Boston, you need a guide on which are worth your time and money. This account helps you find the overall best cafés, factoring in drinks, treats, and ambience.

7. @twotastebuddiez

Just a little ways away, two friends from Northeastern and Boston College review the best of the best in Boston. Recently, they have expanded their list to New York City. These two college graduates have fun and trendy recommendations for their “Boston besties.”


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