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The Spotted Series

Our New Video Series is About More Than Just Eye-Catching Outfits.

By Rachel Dirksen

Photo by Will Chapman

If you aren’t following The BU Buzz on Instagram, you may have missed our new street-style video series: The Spotted Series. Each video showcases a few stylish BU students that myself and Cady (our fashion editor), spot walking on campus. We ask them about their outfit, style inspiration, and personal style. Our newest addition to the series is a mini photoshoot done by one of The Buzz’s amazing photographers, Will Chapman. He is able to capture the energy of each person we interview so perfectly.

This series has been so much fun to make, particularly getting to see what influences each person’s style. Everyone has a piece of their inner self extended into an aspect of their wardrobe. For some, that sense of inner self is shown through a thrifted piece they found with a loved one. For others, their outfit is an homage to a role model in their life, or a reference to an artist they are inspired by. One person we spotted said she considers style to be “an extension of our own aura.”

Since hearing that, I have not thought of fashion in the same way. Style doesn’t just consist of material items or the newest trends (which are still so fun to keep up with), but rather an extension of our personality and who we are at our core. I now can no longer look at my wardrobe without seeing it as an extension of myself – my perspective shift has made me put in more effort and be more selective about what pieces I wear. The Spotted Series has already enlightened me in ways I did not expect, I hope it can inspire you!

Check it out @thebubuzz on Instagram - new Spotted Series every Friday!

Photos by Will Chapman


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