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Things to Look Forward to in the Spring

Spring has finally arrived in Boston, and with the new season comes some long-awaited moments only BU students understand.

By Siena Griffin

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With only about a month left in the semester, Boston’s delayed spring weather has arrived. Here are some little things to look forward to in the coming weeks on campus:

Ditching layers at the slightest semblance of warmth.

After a debilitatingly cold Boston winter, complete with record-low temperatures and wind chill, a partly sunny and 50-degree weather forecast feels like summer. Students swapped their puffer jackets, scarves, and earmuffs last week for t-shirts, hoodies, and light coats, taking in the relative warmth. Non-New Englanders won’t understand the joyful anticipation of the first sunny, spring day in Boston.

Walking instead of taking transit.

Warmer weather leads to increased foot traffic on Comm. Ave. No longer are we forced to take the T only two short stops to class because it’s too cold to be outdoors. Instead of flocking to public transit to hide from the frigid wind, slush, and snow—which results in crowded T routes and BU Bus rides—students can now take advantage of the nicer weather and walk to wherever they’re rushing off to.

Sitting outside at the GSU.

The GSU acts as a sanctuary for those of us with weirdly long gaps in our class schedules to eat, do work, and meet friends—if we can find a seat. Awkwardly circling the highly populated hub of central campus, looking for a seat is inexplicably embarrassing, even though it happens to the best of us. Spring brings the ability to sit outside, creating more seating options and relieving us of the discouraging walk of shame around the GSU.

Spring sports.

The regular hockey season may be over, but spring sports are here to fill the hockey-shaped void in our hearts. Lacrosse, softball, tennis, field hockey, and more are now in season, and offer a fun way to spend an afternoon: watching the teams bring home some Terrier pride. Plus, for Terrier hockey die-hards, men’s hockey continues this spring as they compete in the National Hockey Championships.

Doing homework on the COM Lawn and BU Beach.

It’s far easier to romanticize writing an essay or solving a problem set at one of BU’s rare green spaces, whether you’re sitting in one of the Adirondack chairs on the COM Lawn or listening to the rush of cars (I mean, the waves) at the BU Beach. Not to mention, the much-needed sunlight effectively cures the Vitamin D deficiency we developed in the dark Boston winter.


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