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The Action-Packed Realities of Treasure Hunting

By Amanda Healy

After breaking multiple box-office records with Spider-Man: No Way Home, Tom Holland stars in the new movie, Uncharted, alongside Boston native Mark Wahlberg.

Based on the video game series Uncharted, the movie follows Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) and his newfound partner Victor "Sully" Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg) on a journey to find the gold hidden by Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan.

Nate's curiosity surrounding the gold stemmed from his long-lost brother, Sam, when they were children. After being arrested for attempting to steal Magellan's map, Sam escapes with the promise he will return, but leaves his brother with a few critical objects that will help in the future. Nate hopes to uncover information about Sam's whereabouts through this expedition.

Built on deceptive tricks, witty banter, and mistrust, Nate and Sully's humorous relationship was satisfying to watch. Holland and Wahlberg were perfectly cast to portray this duo.

Years ago, during the film's early development, Wahlberg was set to play Nathan Drake. As time passed and Wahlberg aged, his role changed to Sully. This decision was wise, as he played the seasoned treasure hunter well.

Both actors played off each other impressively; however, their relationship, along with the plot, progressed at a rapid pace. The opening action seemed to be over before you knew it. The movie could have elaborated on the formation of Nate and Sully's relationship to provide further depth, which would help to foster the emotional connection to the characters.

This fast-paced nature continued throughout the movie. Yet, it was not as noticeable during the enthralling hunt for treasure that swept the audience up in theatrics. You can't trust anyone in the world of treasure hunting, and the inability to fully confide in those around you was one of the film's best aspects, as you never know who would betray their closest ally.

Opening with a preview of a quintessential action sequence, later explained in the film, the audience is immediately made aware that they are about to sit through an action-packed adventure for the next two hours. The elaborate stunts and fight sequences are entertaining, but at times almost too unrealistic.

With Holland being incredibly intertwined with his previous character, Spider-Man, it is easy to forget that Nate is just a regular human being who somehow completes these impossible stunts without superpowers. These scenes are very creative and intriguing to watch, but can seem over-the-top.

Additionally, it is always exciting to see original pieces of work incorporated into movie adaptations. In this case, the original voice actor of Nate for the video game, Nolan North, made an appearance in the film. It was quick and comedic, but rewarding for fans of the video game without disrupting the plot.

Post-credit scenes are becoming more common in modern films, and Uncharted was no exception. There were two scenes following the movie's end, which were some of the film's best parts. The events that unfold in these moments pique the audience's interest in a potential sequel.

Uncharted is an action-packed film with amusing one-liners and captivating visuals. It is an entertaining movie to watch, but not one that you will be dying to see again right as you leave the theater.

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