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Vacation Blues: Curing Travel FOMO in Your Own City

By Olivia Chamberlain

FOMO: the fear of missing out. Unfortunately, with Covid-19 restrictions becoming more relaxed as many vaccination rates rise, travel FOMO isn’t uncommon. With our favorite influencers and celebrities already visiting different countries, we’re all feeling a little jealous. However, there are many ways to combat travel FOMO, so here are some destinations that can make you feel like you’re outside of Boston without ever leaving the city!

Museum of Fine Arts

My family and I love frequenting art museums whenever we travel! A classic must-visit in Boston is the Museum of Fine Arts in Fenway-Kenmore! From ancient Egyptian to modern American, you can indeed cross the world, in just a few hours, and all within the MFA. To spark your interest, you can check their website to see current and future exhibitions!

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

The beautiful Venetian-styled Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum was the first stop from this list I visited when I came to Boston! Housing European, Asian, and American art, this museum explores so many different cultures and eras. The incredible courtyard filled with plants and gorgeous arches takes you right to another world!

The North End

Boston’s “Little Italy” is home to the best cannolis I’ve ever had. The North End is an important place to check out if you’re nostalgic for Italy, with old colonial architecture and a historical aura, drawing in countless visitors every year. Boston’s oldest neighborhood, the North End has a sense of community and food quality that stays true to its Italian roots.


Boston’s Chinatown is also an epicenter of deep ethnic roots and has maintained a strong sense of community since its founding. Home to fantastic dim-sum and boba, Chinatown’s vibrant food and nightlife make it one of my favorite places to visit whenever I miss the Chinatown of my home city.

I’m sure there are countless other destinations within Boston that may make us feel like we’re in another place, meaning there’s still some room to explore for ourselves! As the weather gets colder and the days grow shorter, it’s easy for us to hole up in our dorm rooms and scroll through social media to travel. But even if our cozy bedrooms and Instagram feeds sound appealing, getting out and exploring all of the different enclaves Boston has to offer is much more fulfilling. Don’t forget to bundle up, Terriers!

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