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Viral TikTok Foods: Do they Deserve the Hype?

With a surge in food content on TikTok, choosing which viral recipe or item to try can be daunting; hence, here’s a review of some TikTok viral foods.

By Ava Memarzadeh

A picture of a packet of freeze dried treats
Photo By Adriana Rivera

Freeze Dried Candy

Freeze-dried candy and the ASMR videos produced with it have had their moment on TikTok for quite a while now. This is a result of the many small businesses producing and marketing these delicacies on the app. I decided to try a pack of freeze-dried Skittles, costing ten dollars. While I can appreciate and see the appeal of the crunchy nature of this altered candy, I cannot say it is worth the increase in price. The candy still holds the original sweet flavor of a Skittle, but now has a light and airy texture. Although the satisfying crunch is as appealing as it looks on TikTok, these Skittles do not stick in between your teeth – which ruins the fun and classic Skittles experience. I would recommend sticking to the original candies we know and love!

Buldak Ramen

I was inspired to try this meal after seeing it on TikTok, and after tasting it, I believe it is worth the hype it receives. Buldak Ramen is now my ultimate comfort meal that leaves me with a warm feeling after every bite. While the spice may be overwhelming to some, I find the flavors of this ramen to be the perfect combination of savory and spicy. Buldak Ramen can be eaten as is or with added garnishes or sides. As a college student, the convenience of this meal for a late-night study snack or a quick meal is unmatched. This viral food is worth the hype and traction it has gained online, and I recommend trying this convenient and flavor-rich food. 


Lavashak is a traditional Iranian snack that has recently gained popularity on TikTok. Lavashak resembles the American “Fruit Roll-Up” but with more of a sour taste and without unnatural flavorings. As someone who grew up eating this snack, I am excited for others who are beginning to appreciate this snack online. One viral recipe involves dipping the Lavashak in pomegranate sauce and then in pomegranate seeds, adding to the sour flavor and complimenting the fruit leather well. I would highly recommend this snack to anyone. Those interested in trying it are encouraged to support a local Iranian market to buy Lavashak!

All in all, these viral foods are totally worth a try – and I encourage you to try them yourself!


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