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What Did You Wear to The Eras Tour?

A look at how fashion plays a role in Taylor Swift’s biggest tour to date.

By: Ali Cook

Whether you love her or hate her, you know Taylor Swift. The music icon has been making headlines for the past 15 years, beginning with her rise to the top of country music charts and most recently with her budding romance with Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs tight-end.

With the publicity she got from attending the Chiefs game alone, it’s safe to say that the world follows Taylor everywhere. This is true in a literal sense regarding her three-and-a-half-hour performances on The Eras Tour.

While it was a war for fans to get tickets, an important question settled in as soon as the successful logged off of Ticketmaster: What will I wear?

Each of Taylor’s ten different eras, corresponding to her ten albums, has a unique persona, style, and color. Swift fully commits to the bit and becomes the vibe of her albums through her hair, makeup, and clothing. Most fans emulated these looks and dressed according to their favorite era.

For Taylor’s early country albums, dresses, denim, skirts, and cowboy boots were popular pieces. Pop albums like 1989 and Lover had a big pastel and neon color turnout. The most starkly different era, Reputation, featured outfits with muted tones, black-and-white contrasts, and the infamous snake print.

Glitter, sparkles, and sequins are the common thread that ties all these looks together. As Taylor says in one of her most famous songs, “Best believe I’m still bejeweled,” and, trust me, the whole audience was. From tank tops and jackets to mini skirts and jeans — everything was sparkly. For a more casual look, some customized neutral T-shirts with lyrics and graphics.

Fans also adopted one of Taylor’s oldest concert rituals: writing her favorite number, 13, on their hand in glitter or marker. Moreover, as tribute to Taylor’s song “You’re On Your Own Kid,” where a lyric calls on listeners to “make the friendship bracelets,” many adorned their arms with Taylor-themed beaded bracelets to trade with other Swifties.

The outfits at The Eras Tour were accessorized with 13 hands, friendship bracelets, tinsel in hair, body glitter, and face jewels (my personal favorites). You have to go all out for Taylor!

Although all the U.S. shows are complete, Taylor will continue to travel the world for another year. Her last scheduled date, as of right now, is in Toronto, Canada, on November 23, 2024.

I can’t wait for another year of seeing “the whole place shimmer.”


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