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What Is The Deal With Sofia Richie Grainge Style?

Sofia Richie Grainge has resurfaced in the media this past year as a fashion icon. Why do people love her style, and what elements can be created without an A-list budget? 

By Madison Lamacchia

Sophia Richie
Graphic By Ellie Mccarron

Sofia Richie is a 24-year-old American model who first gained recognition in 2012 through a feature in Teen Vogue. Richie signed with Select Model Management and landed features in campaigns for high-profile brands. 

Richie’s popularity resurfaced in 2023 after her luxurious and elaborate wedding to music executive Elliot Grainge. Sofia shared insight into her wedding details, leading to the resurfacing of her media presence. As for Richie’s fashion style, it has evolved over the years; from youthful and edgy to chic and mature. 

Why do People Love Sofia Richie’s Style?

People love Richie’s style for its trendsetting nature, high-class feel, and versatility. She has mastered the art of combining casual streetwear and red carpet looks. Sofia knows how to make her outfits feel accessible and relatable as she wears very basic pieces. Nevertheless, she always finds avenues to elevate these pieces, making them appealing to those following her looks. Sofia also maintains her youthful energy while still wearing looks that feel classic and mature, a way of dressing that is ideal for many of her followers who are working young adults and or young women navigating their transitions into more mature styles. 

Tips for Dressing Like Sofia Richie (Without The A-List Budget)

Focus on The Perfect Fit

Richie has proved through several of her looks that it is not always about what you are wearing, but how you are wearing it. Achieving the perfect fit and tailoring clothes to your body type is crucial for cultivating a polished and stylish appearance. 

  1. Understand your body shape and what garments flatter you. Consider the stretch and drape of fabrics that can affect this fit. 

  2. Ensure there is enough room in the fit of your pieces for movement and pay attention to the proportions as they can enhance your natural shape. 

Dress Monochromatic

Monochromatic dressing is a staple in Richie’s style and is a technique she has perfected. To achieve the perfect monochromatic outfit, you should follow a few simple rules. 

  1. Choosing elements in the same color family is the key.

  2. Select a hue that fits with your personality and enhances the tones that compliment your features. 

  3. To create depth and interest, you can combine several hues and textures within that color spectrum.

Invest In Stylish & Quality Outerwear

Richie has a habit of elevating casual outfits such as t-shirts and jeans with the perfectly polished & well-tailored jackets and coats. Follow these tips for when shopping within your budget. 

  1. Invest in outerwear pieces with interesting details, such as unique buttons, statement lapels, or unexpected textures. 

  2. Opt for classic styles like trench coats or tailored blazers in neutral colors for versatility, or experiment with bold hues or prints for a pop of personality.

  3. Ensure that your piece fits well and compliments your body shape, such as pieces that accentuate your waist or provide structure.

Accessorize Always

Richie excels in styling accessories by seamlessly integrating them into her outfits to elevate her overall look. Follow these steps to learn how to effectively accessorize like Richie. 

  1. Select pieces that complement the style and color scheme of your clothing. 

  2. Layer accessories to add depth, such as stacking bracelets or necklaces or mixing textures like leather and metal.

  3. Don’t underestimate your shoe choice — do not be afraid to add a pair of sleek heels with your sweater and jeans. 

Richie’s style embodies an effortless style characterized by a mix of edgy and chic looks. Her fashion sense embodies a mix of casual chic and elevated elegance, making her a standout style icon.


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