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On-Campus or Convenient Locations Where It’s Not Impossible to Find an Outlet

By Jill O’Farrell

While countless study spots are scattered throughout BU’s campus, there seems to be one consistent issue: not enough outlets. During busy hours on campus, finding an available outlet can feel like an impossible mission. Students will set up camp in the halls of academic buildings, or on the floor of GSU just to get some battery life in their device. However, if you choose your study venue wisely, you can avoid this trouble.

Here are some convenient locations where you can get work done without worrying about your computer’s limited battery life.

Buick Street Market and Café

Though it has the aesthetic charm of a mall food court, this small seating area at 10 Buick Street offers promising charging abilities. The noise level is typically low, with most seating within cord-length of an outlet.

You can find the space by entering through City Convenience and taking a left after the register. It also shares a roof with the only Dunkin on campus, which serves discounted donuts after 3pm. If you need a pick-me-up while working, buy a snack at City Convenience. Or, as a true Bostonian would, get a large iced coffee from Dunkin.

I learned of this space after almost a year at BU, and it’s been a go-to ever since—my friends and I have affectionately dubbed the space, “Dunkin Cafe.”

Third Floor of Mugar Memorial Library

The library-the most obvious of study spaces-provides an abundance of outlet options. Most tables have power strips built in, but finding an open seat is often the hardest part, especially during exam weeks.

The third floor has the most tables; therefore, that’s your best shot when working at the library. If you prefer a more active study environment, try the PAL Study Lounge in the northeast corner of the third floor. This space is considered “collaborative”, and allows for chatting and group study.

Katzenberg Center in College of General Studies

On the third floor of CGS (which is technically the second if you enter from Commonwealth Avenue), you’ll find the Katzenberg Center. The room has long study tables and smaller, single cubicles, most with access to a power outlet. Unfortunately, this space is closed after 5 PM Monday through Thursday, and 4 PM on Fridays.

Off-campus favorite: The Public Library of Brookline – Coolidge Corner

About a 15 minute walk from the West Campus dorms, the Coolidge Corner branch of Brookline's Public Library is a great study location. The library is fairly small, but doesn’t get very busy. You’ll likely find a seat, no matter the time. Similar to Mugar, the tables have power strips built in, so once you choose a table, you will be able to charge.

The branch’s hours vary greatly day to day, so be sure to check before beginning your walk. After you’re done working, reward yourself by exploring any of the restaurants or stores Coolidge Corner has to offer.


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