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This is definitely the most common area of Beantown for Boston University students to reside in since it is snuggled by the end of BU’s West Campus and the beginning of the Boston College campus. At each edge, you will find many dive bars, restaurants, and first-time college peers. The more in the middle of the two campuses, you will find a little more sophistication with an older (but still young) crowd of fellow college students; it’s the posh-er end of the student scale. However, the entirety of Allston/Brighton is known as casually hip and gritty, especially compared to the usual historic Boston reputation.

Look at apartments in this area if you want to fully indulge in your youthful college identity. Don’t worry, you will not have to compromise for the quality of restaurants, as Allston/Brighton features many delicious eateries. For reference, there is a funky side of Allston that is comparable to Brooklyn and Shoreditch (London).


Although Brookline isn’t a Boston neighborhood by definition, it is a town in Massachusetts that borders the BU campus and is a popular place for student living. Compared to Allston/Brighton, it lacks the same nighttime scene, but it instead offers a sanctuary for cozy date nights or daily chores. Coolidge Corner is a big highlight for Brookline, which has a Trader Joe’s, yoga studios, cute coffee shops, and restaurants, of course. There are many people living in Brookline that just graduated and are looking to start their career, so it organically provides connections, if that is where you are in your life.

Narrow your search to Brookline if you want a slower-paced neighborhood feel, but still want access to the bustling city blocks away. There are many parks around this area, so if you’re looking for more nature or a pretty trail to take your morning jog, consider Brookline!


You can guess from the name that the Fenway area of Boston is primal for sports lovers. Pandemic aside, this is a great place to live if your priority is catching every Red Sox game and hopping the bars afterwards. Fenway/Kenmore gives you an all-access pass to the sports fan lifestyle. It also is home to a few museums and the unique, music-inspired boutique hotel, The Verb Hotel. Because of the many attractions in Fenway/Kenmore, it is more likely that tourists will be roaming the streets. However, the iconic chain restaurants and stores make up for that. In addition, the location relative to other parts of Boston greatly adds to the attraction.

Consider living in Fenway/Kenmore if Target runs, Sweetgreen salads, and Tatte brunches are as important to you as your Econ exam. (Kidding, Mom...every BU student knows our Micro exams come before everything!)

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