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Back Bay

Before getting into the many perks of Back Bay, it must be acknowledged that it lies on the more expensive side of things. This might not be the most common area for college students to live, but some do, and it is possible to find reasonable apartments (maybe on the outskirts) or condos that you will live in years after graduating BU.

So, Back Bay. It has an amazing location, as the neighborhood is close to many shops, the more popular restaurants, main T lines, the Boston Public Library, and park space. There is easy access to the core culture of Boston and living in an area like Back Bay means indulging in the attraction of city living: do everything close to your home. Of course, you are close to Newbury and the Prudential Center.

Look in Back Bay if being in the midst of the social scene or packing your day with your favorite hobbies is important to you. Also, this could be a great place for you if you’re going to be entering the real world. If you’re going to be working downtown, it’s a quick T ride away, and you can still hold onto your BU roots with the campus close by. Back Bay could be a great transition neighborhood.

South End

Last on this short and sweet guide to figuring out which Boston neighborhood is perfect for you to find your next apartment, we have the South End. The South End is filled with amazing art galleries, fresh boutiques and theaters, which all create the enticingly vivacious vibe everyone loves. It is a very home-y corner of Boston, and there is a tight knit community within the realms of the South End.

The South End is a little far from campus, but still centrally located. You will also have easy access to Seaport/Southie and all the Instagrammable restaurants there. Add the South End to your list if art, whatever the kind, reaches your soul, whatever the depth; you will find a connection through the many festivals, exhibits, and shows. Like Back Bay, this is a good transition neighborhood because of its potential for the years after graduation.

...The End! Definitely check out the first part to this guide with features closer to campus. Every student’s priorities, values, and place in life are so different and luckily there is Boston to accommodate it all. Good luck searching!

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