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Which Dessert Are You Based on Your Star Sign?

Discover what tasty treat you are based on astrology.

By Tyler Davis

You are probably used to astrology being used to determine many aspects of your life, but what about dessert? Well, I’m here to guess the type of dessert you are based on your star sign:

Capricorn: Macarons. Capricorns are very ambitious people and macarons are definitely an ambitious dessert. They have to be mixed just enough for them to develop “feet” when they bake, but not over mixed to where they won’t rise.

Aquarius: Protein Balls. Aquarians are enthusiastic people and have a ton of energy. Protein balls usually have ingredients such as oats and almond butter which provide a lot of quick energy.

Pisces: Chocolate Souffle. Pisces are known to be some of the most stubborn people, which goes hand-in-hand with souffles. They are also a difficult dessert to make and usually deflate.

Aries: Mochi. Aries are adventurous types of people and there are endless flavors of mochi to try such as cookies & cream, green tea, and dulche de leche.

Taurus: Donuts. Taurus are very loyal people. Similarly, we all know donuts are a classic dessert, and never disappoint in satisfying a sweet tooth.

Gemini: Cheesecake. Geminis are playful, yet calm people. This chilled dessert is calm and simple, yet can be topped with just about anything.

Cancer: A pint of ice cream. Cancers are very emotional and I’m sure that from time-to-time, a pint of ice cream is definitely the best comfort dessert out there.

Leo: Baklava. Leos are super bold and unique people and if you bring homemade Baklava to a gathering, people will surely be impressed by your baking skills.

Virgo: Cake. Virgos are logical and intelligent people. Popular shows like “cake boss”demonstrate how skilled individuals can turn a cake into just about anything.

Libra: Brownies. Libras are friendly people that love company, and there is no better dessert to share with friends.

Scorpio: S’mores. Scorpios are fiery types of people and with s’mores being a dessert that is literally put over a fire is well suited.

Sagittarius: Cookies. Sagittariuses are some of the most honest people. That’s why it makes so much sense for them to be a cookie, since they are a very straightforward dessert: when cookies are either gooey and delicious it is obvious, but when they are hard and bland, it is almost impossible to hide.


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