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How to Do Both and Look Your Best in the Winter Months

By Cady Ghandour

It’s no secret that during the freezing months of winter, our priorities can change when it comes to thinking up outfits. Style may take a back seat while warmth and comfort become the only factors in mind. Warmth is undeniably essential, but it’s important to remember that feeling confident is vital as it improves overall mental health.

In light of this, here are some winter essentials that will allow you to conjure up stylish outfits without being afraid of freezing or falling.

  • A good boot goes a long way. Have a look at this article, which lists the top-ranked women’s boots for different purposes (style, practicality, sports, etc.) at a variety of prices.

  • If you don’t have a warm scarf, you’re missing out — they are game-changers. Not only can scarfs elevate an outfit by adding color and dimension, but keeping your neck covered makes a massive difference in trapping out the cold. The right scarf can add a factor of class and elegance while keeping you bundled up.

  • Layering can change the game! For example, when you layer leggings or tights underneath bell-bottom trousers, you can enjoy a flared silhouette without letting the cold air in.

  • Hats and Earmuffs! Hats can add so many levels of style; they deserve an article all to themselves. There are countless options to keep your ears warm: berets, beanies, felt, knit, and more! Style your hat depending on the events ahead of you, for example, larger, more prominent hats for formal occasions. These are essential during the times it feels like Boston should be named the windy city.

  • Gloves are needed in your winter wardrobe. This may seem self-explanatory, but gloves are often overlooked amongst winter accessories. They keep your fingers warm from the bone-chilling cold and keep your hands from going dry and ashy in the winter. Pick up a pair of leather gloves to inject some style.

Once you’ve acquired your winter must-haves, experiment with styling! Try a colorful knit or wool scarf to brighten up a plain monochromatic outfit. Or a stylish black boot with a good quality grip to give the perfect balance of sleek and safe, possibly paired with some leather pants (layered with leggings underneath), a black beanie, and matching gloves — monochromatic queen! If you want to go the extra mile, a bright voluminous scarf will keep you bundled up and add some color. Now, how easy was that?


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