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Wrap It Up And Tie It In A Bow

Bows, bows, bows! Dainty satin accessories have been all the rage lately. One of the most simple, yet creative trends to emerge in recent years, ballet core has taken over the fashion industry. 

By: Anna Giblin

Ballet dancer posing in a door way
Photo By: Mia Anderson

To be a ballerina is to be clean, dainty, and light on your feet. From fashion influencers to the runway, the ballet aesthetic has shown its presence in every way imaginable. 

Alice + Olivia debuted satin and tulle hair ribbons mixed with grungy updos across their New York Fashion Week S24 show. 

Miu Miu’s iconic ballet flats have made their presence known in blush pink, black, and the iconic Fall 2023 It-girl color: red. 

Statement dresses from the runway to independent boutique designers have dawned long tulle 

layers in dresses, tops, and everything in between. 

Today’s ballet core is a fantastic adaptation of the traditional clean-girl aesthetic. It allows for that same minimalistic aesthetic to be accessorized with simple, yet elegant pieces in ways unique to the wearer. 

Laying different textiles and juxtaposing aesthetics have been at the core of this trend. It brings an element of youth and femininity to any outfit while simultaneously elevating your base. Bows have been present across different fashion styles all throughout history, either for convenience or embellishment. 

Whether your adaptation means adding a tiny touch of satin to your outfit or fully committing to the ballerina aesthetic, this timeless, creative trend is here to stay. 

If you want to participate in this global trend, here is a list of my favorite adaptations: 

  1. Ribbon shoelaces add a dainty and feminine touch to a sporty, casual tennis shoe. 

  2. Asymmetrical tulle skirts move beautifully and perfectly offset the grunge of an oversized leather jacket. 

  3. Pairing colorful socks with a simple pair of ballet flats to add a pop of color can help create dimension to any classic outfit. 

  4. I love the uniqueness of tying ribbon bows on bags and accessorizing with strings of pearls and funky one-of-a-kind charms.

  5. A bow with long ribbon strings tied into a half-up-half-down hairstyle is simple and pretty every time.


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