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Boston's Best Mocktails

By Caterina Tomassini

Photo by William Chapman

If you’re anything like me -that is, not yet 21 -you know the struggle of wanting a fruity drink, but not having the capacity to legally buy one. Or perhaps you prefer to stay sober, but need to drive your rowdy friends home, or (like many of us college students) don’t have the funds to support a lavish drinking lifestyle. Being in a city like Boston can be tricky with the nightlife centered around bars, clubs, and fancy cocktails, but fear no more! We’re here with some of Boston’s most mouth-watering mocktails.

Seeking the coolest atmosphere to sip on your mocktail? Try Tiki Rock, a hip restaurant serving pan-asian food in a tropically-inspired atmosphere. Beware, however, those of us not old enough to flash our ID will not be allowed in the restaurant past 10 p.m. They offer a Virgin Colada: Just as it sounds, this drink is meant to replicate a Piña Colada, but does so without the rum. Just imagine yourself on a tropical island, and this drink will quickly put you in the right mood. No matter how you are feeling, the Pain Reliever will definitely supplement the tropical atmosphere of the restaurant. Sit back and enjoy the carefully-crafted pineapple juice, orange juice, and coconut mixture.

If you’re looking to catch a break, head to east Cambridge’s Kendall Square to visit Sumiao Hunan Kitchen, where you can enjoy authentic Hunan cuisine in a contemporary Chinese establishment. Similar to the alcoholic drink, the Moscow Mule, the Hunan Mule still contains its main ingredient: ginger beer. Rather than vodka, however, this drink’s specialty is mandarin, lime and early gray. Looking for a bit of green in your day? Search no more! The Coco Matchatte has you covered with matcha, coconut cream and soy milk.

If you’re ever by the Prudential-or as we Bostonians say, the “Pru”-Stop by Earl’s. Between the lounge, dining room, rooftop patio or their ‘Cocktail Lab,’ you’re sure to find an ambiance that tickles your fancy. The Sparkling Yuzu Lemonade is perfect for those of us who have a taste for citrus, the Yuzu Lemonade is made of yuzu (a japanese citrus lemon), orange tree essence, fresh lemon juice, and soda. Our second mule on the list is Earl’s signature Pineapple Cucumber Mule, which replicates the classic alcoholic beverage. Instead, pair your ginger with pineapple juice, passion fruit, fresh lime, cucumber, star anise extract and soda, for a complex yet satisfying mix of ingredients that pleases the palate.

Our top picks end with Alden Harlow, located in the heart of Harvard Square in Cambridge. Along with your beverage, expect to dig into classic American food in a modern and comfortable atmosphere. For the most refreshing mocktails, the Morning Dew takes the number one spot: A refreshing summer drink, the ‘Morning Dew’ is a mix of raspberry and mint shrub, cucumber tonic, and lime demerara. The Strawberry Lime Ricky is simple yet thirst-quenching made with strawberry, lime and club Soda.


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