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COVID Dating Tips and Review of a Classic Boston Locale

by Amanda Willis

When someone asks you out to a dinner date, you probably will do a little panicked Google search of menus to make sure you won’t be left to order the typical side salad, if you’re a vegetarian. However, before you dive into the online menu, make sure you and your date are meeting all of the COVID-19 safety measures.

One of the most helpful aspects about dating fellow Boston University students is knowing your date is getting a COVID-19 test as regularly as yourself. The afternoon before the date, it is always safe to ask for a screenshot of the other person’s negative test results. Of course, you will send along your own. This acts as a safety net that assures both parties won’t have to check any COVID-19 symptoms on their future daily surveys. Once you’re this far, you, my friend, have scored a date. Now, it is time to make sure the menu is vegetarian friendly.

Lolita, a common Back Bay spot, was the setting for my romantic, if you will, evening on the town. The menu is gentrified Mexican cuisine with enough vegetarian-friendly options to actually order an entrée. Their outdoor patio has been made to feel like an actual open-air restaurant while they take advantage of the pandemic to renovate the interior. The entire staff must wear a mask, but the patrons are allowed to remove their masks once they have been seated. For a date, being able to interact sans masks (in a safe environment) is very refreshing—almost as refreshing as the drink menu.

If you are 21, despite their reputation for being lenient on fakes, there is a pricey and mostly watered-down selection of cocktails and margaritas that make any college student feel classy. If you want to try something that isn’t mostly tonic water or ice, the watermelon peach mojito is the way to go. Between myself and my date, I got the upper hand on not paying for watered-down liquor. With the sophistication of a fancy drink comes a high price, so your wallet will thank you for only ordering one $13 mojito.

Being that vegetarian options were scarce, they had options that were flavorful. For an appetizer, I recommend ordering the street corn because it is a crowd pleaser that your date will also enjoy! Your choices become more limited when it comes to choosing an entrée, but the Spicy Avocado Quesadilla is well seasoned and still tastes like Mexican cuisine. There are certainly bonus points for their large portion sizes because that $16 will probably become your lunch the following day.

Lolita is a great spot for a date especially because it has veggie options that don’t taste like cardboard. Make sure you make a reservation because it gets crowded, but for a good reason! If you are vegetarian, make sure you scour local restaurant’s menus to make sure your partner isn’t the only one enjoying their meal. But, most of all, confirm that you are being cautious. Bring hand sanitizer, make sure both of you get tested before and wear your mask when you aren’t at your table. Always remember, it is not a turn-off to care about COVID-19!

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