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Food That Makes You Happy While Eating It—Turned to Immediate Regret

by Thalia Lauzon

There are some foods that are too indulgent to pass up. These foods have people slowly navigating their way to them in stores, swimming in the satisfaction of its taste and feeling guilty when it’s over. But, it can be the most gratifying regret imaginable.

Disclaimer: Food guilt is real—but, like everything, most things are fine in small amounts and when it’s not detrimental to your health. Most of the time it’s worth it to indulge—and, very satisfying.

Oreo Cookies

Oh, the chocolate and frosting goodness of this cookie. It’s impossible to eat only one of these. Whether you dunk, split or simply bite into the cookie like a heathen, you’ll be hooked after the first bite. The first bite into an Oreo, every time, reminds you of how great they are and makes you question how you could’ve gone a single day without them.

You tell yourself that you’ll only have one … then, okay, one more. Next, you reason that you’re still under the serving size of three. What’s one more when Oreos are vegan anyway, right? Eventually, you get to the point where you’ve eaten an entire row. It’s honestly shocking how quick and delightful they go down, and how bad you can feel after the huge intake of sugar.


From McDonalds’ fries to poutine, fries are one of the most addictive foods on the planet. No one has just one fry. Their salty flavor and crispy texture make them the perfect savory food for any occasion, and the idea that they are made from potatoes gives everyone more of an excuse to indulge themselves. Not only that, but fries aren’t usually a standalone dish. Get them on the side with your burger, chicken, steak or even pizza, and you’ve got yourself a satisfying guilty pleasure.


The breakfast of champions. Waffles are a special treat to most when they order from a restaurant or happen to stay at a Choice Hotel, since most people don’t have their own waffle makers. And, man, do people make it a treat. Butter, whipped cream, syrupy-goodness, fruits and powdered sugar all can make up the glorious waffle.

Waffles will fill you up, almost too much, depending on the size of your dish. It can have you slouching in your chair while unbuttoning the top of your jeans for a little more room. Best to leave waffles for the special times, or after-breakfast runs might have to become a thing.


Cheese is one of the foods that is so versatile that there is no avoiding it. Thankfully, it’s usually eaten in moderation. However, if you’ve ever eaten one too many grilled cheeses, had a whole cheese platter—or eaten cheese at all—you’re aware of how quick it can fill you up. Still, there is such a thing as too much cheese. Cheese is worth it, but smaller doses might be best if you don’t want to feel like you're carrying around a four-pound cheese block on your back all day.

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