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Insomnia Cookies Vs. Crumbl Cookies: Which is Worth Your Money?

By: Tyler Davis

To all dessert lovers: I’m sure you're well aware of the hot debate going on in the cookie world. Which is superior — Insomnia or Crumbl cookies?

Crumbl dominates on TikTok, racking in over 5.9 million followers and 60.1 million likes. Some of the most viral videos on TikTok are dedicated to predicting the upcoming Crumbl flavors. Insomnia,on the other hand, definitely lacks the social media hype.

Aside from trends, a real cookie fanatic judges a variety of factors to determine if a cookie is worth it, such as size, aesthetic, and consistency.

In terms of sizing, Insomnia has more range by including both a classic cookie, and a “deluxe cookie”. On the other end of the spectrum, the average Crumbl cookie is so large that they sell special cutters so that you can neatly indulge in each flavor with your friends.

Where appearance is concerned: While Insomnia’s cookies are pretty basic looking, Crumbl’s cookies are known for their unique looks. Most of their cookies either have a filling or topping, and always look perfectly piped and appetizing. So, in terms of the aesthetic battle, Crumbl definitely takes the cake... or I should say cookie..

The taste of Crumbl is pretty controversial for many reasons: their flavors are constantly changing, and many believe that the Crumbl taste is too sugary (if that is even possible). Some of my favorite flavors include cosmic brownie, twix, pecan pie, and chocolate potato chip. On Insomnia’s flavor front, while they aren’t the most exotic, they have a wide variety of flavors, and consistency is ensured. Their flavors range from the classics of snickerdoodle and chocolate chip, all the way to salted caramel or confetti.

The texture of a cookie makes it or breaks it for some people; some prefer a gooey and more undercooked cookie, while others prefer a nice and crunchy texture. Insomnia has the classic cookie texture, being a chewy cookie and with a crisp outer layer. Conversely, Crumbl typically serves a cookie that has a gooey and dough-ish inside, with a crispy outside.

So, next time you are up late with a sweet tooth, Crumbl is definitely the way to go! The new flavors never get old, the gooey consistency never fails, and the aesthetic can even score you some new followers on TikTok.


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