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Your Guide to Finding Authentic Italian Food in Boston

By Sophia Pasquale

Galleria Umberto should be your go-to for a reliable and cheap slice of pizza. It is a counter service and cash-only restaurant that sells their famous Sicilian slices of pizza right until they sell out. This longtime establishment has a cult-like following of customers; the line is often out the door before the store even opens, so you better clear your schedule and get there early to get some of this classic pizza!

Eataly Boston is an Italian food emporium located within the Prudential Center that offers multiple restaurants, butchers, and grocers for customers to shop and dine. Their goods are typically imported from Italy, and their restaurants serve reasonably priced authentic dishes. Some critics claim that Eataly is not authentic. However, their first location opened in Torino, Italy, back in 2007, with expansion around the world years later. Eataly is the place to try new things and get a taste of many different authentic Italian dishes, groceries, snacks, and beverages.

Prezza is an upscale restaurant with authentic Italian cuisine. Hidden away in Boston's North End, you are guaranteed to leave with your stomach full from a perfectly cooked handmade pasta dish. Fantastic for a nice dinner out with family or friends.

Coppa, found in Boston's South End, takes a different approach to authentic Italian cuisine. With its hip atmosphere, small plates, and intimate location, the restaurant offers a more modern Italian experience when compared to its large and bustling counterparts located in the North End. Scroll through their mouth-watering Instagram (which has over 30,000 followers) to get a quick glimpse of the variety of pizza and pasta they serve.

Pammys, all the way in Cambridge, reimagines Italian dishes with its unique menu, where you pay $69 and get to taste three different dishes. They embody the Italian neighborhood trattoria with its cozy and welcoming atmosphere, but their menu holds no bounds as they incorporate Italian and American influences within their meals and drinks. This charming restaurant offers a unique experience for Boston's Italian food-lovers.

If you haven't already heard of Modern Pastry, it is the place to go for an authentic Italian pastry. From delicious freshly-filled cannolis to flakey custard-filled lobster tails, this family-owned establishment has it all and does it well. With a wide array of homemade pastries and employees conversing in Italian behind the counter, customers are overjoyed when they finally get the chance to enter the store after waiting in line outside.

Caffé Vittoria takes you back to the North End for the oldest Italian café in Boston. Whether you are seeking a traditional Italian coffee, a scoop of gelato, or biscotti, Caffé Vittoria is a must-try.

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