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How Layering Can Help You Look and Feel Your Best

By Cady Ghandour

During the fall, winter, spring, and even summer, Boston weather loves to keep you on your toes.

A warm, sunny day can turn into a downpour of rain, or a spring day, perfect for picnicking, can be followed by inches of snow. With consistency not on our side, the only way to dress in accordance with Boston’s mood swings is to come prepared, and expect the unexpected.

Leaving the house in just a thick knit sweater, because it was chilly when you left, will make you sweat when the sun decides to illuminate Comm Ave on your journey to class. But, if you wore a lightweight top underneath, you could toss your sweater in your bag or around your waist and embrace the sunlight. Voila! Simple, yet revolutionary in allowing you to dress to your heart’s desire in a place like Bean-town. The art of layering.

Let’s rewind to the colder days of the semester and see how layering could’ve made you look - let’s face it - way cuter this past winter.

Picture this: It’s 15°F, and you’ve got a long day ahead of you, packed with class and dinner plans. You need something functional, yet stylish. You can’t forget your winter essentials: scarf, gloves, a good pair of boots, and of course, a hat or ear muffs. There is always room for creativity with things like boots and scarfs—you’re not limited to L.L. Bean or Timberland. For more on this, read “Winter: Chic or Warm?”. As for underneath (the fun part), equip yourself with my ultimate winter must-haves: thermals!

Designed to be worn underneath pants, tops, jackets, etc., my favorites are Uniqlo’s Heattech collection, which come in varied levels of warmth. Thermals can be worn as a base layer for a toasty foundation, that won’t look bulky underneath clothes. Now you can feel free to dress in thinner pants and blouses, as opposed to being limited to sweatpants and sweaters.

Even if you were to opt for just that knit sweater, add a scarf - because a warm neck makes a difference - gloves, your favorite winter jacket, and now you’re ready to take on the cold. As for the ultimate winter lifeline, try venturing out of the classic black puffer jacket. This Cosmopolitan article offers 50 fashionable options. If you’re expecting rain, but your waterproof jacket is killing your outfit’s vibe, try bringing along a compact umbrella.

When it comes to learning to layer, think of creating an outfit like making a sandwich. Once you peel away the bread, which would be your winter jacket and winter accessories, you should be left with a filling which would taste as good on its own. An outfit you would be happy showing off in case that switch decides to flip and the sun graces us with its presence.

Versatility is your friend here, so make sure you’re setting yourself up to look cute, rain or shine.


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