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Me, Myself and I

by the Music Team

Graphic courtesy of Sam West

The Music Team is dedicating this February’s playlist to all the soloists out there, or anyone in need of some self-love. Whether you’re in a relationship or doing your own thing on Valentine’s Day, take a listen to the following songs for catchy melodies, impressive lyrics and, of course, a friendly reminder that you’re pretty amazing. Click here for the link to our playlist.

“Island Music” by Tennis

A soft guitar loop echoes faintly in the background as lead vocalist Alaina Moore sings earnestly about her inability to feel emotion. Not necessarily fazed by this, she proceeds to make commentary on the beauty that surrounds her. Her dismissal of her internal dilemma is bound to be inspirational to anyone who is mistaking their freedom for loneliness. –Rhoda Yun

“Be Your Own 3am” by Adult Mom

A humble confession of how loneliness can make anyone yearn for a body that is not their own, “Be Your Own 3am” is unabashedly honest. This song is a reminder that when we are feeling fragile and alone in the bleakness of mid-winter, the only person we should reach out to is ourselves. A reminder that the only assurance we need is self-assurance, this track is the anthem of self-love. –Rhoda Yun

“Arigato” by Julie Bergan

The Norwegian’s big break was when she released this song, broadcasting independence to everyone listening. The song explicitly discusses leaving a relationship for personal happiness and avoiding being tied down to expectations – also known as breaking free from the leash of committing to someone else. –Jennifer Suryadjaja

“It’s Strange” by Louis The Child ft. K. Flay

You can’t skip a track with this catchy beat. Aside from bobbing your head to the rhythm, pay attention to the lyrics and realize that being alone may be uncomfortable and liberating at the same time. It may even make you feel better about your decision to move on. –Jennifer Suryadjaja

“The Fear” by Lily Allen

Though this song was released seven years ago, Allen’s light, pleasant voice sarcastically addresses the issue of materialism while expressing her doubts for nonconformity in society.

–Jennifer Suryadjaja

“Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)” by Kelly Clarkson

You can never go wrong with screaming this song at the top of your lungs, it just makes you stronger, to quote the title. Kelly's got that powerful, soulful quality that makes you believe it will all get a bit better. –Nicki Hymowitz

“Respect” by Aretha Franklin

This is a classic preach for independence, while offering the best way to teach listeners how to spell respect (thanks, Aretha). Don't just scream “respect” as Aretha belts it out like a queen, but mean it. –Nicki Hymowitz

“Express Yourself” by Madonna

I have no words. It's Madonna. She is the definition of expressing one's independence no matter what she does, wears or acts. If anything, this anthem encourages us to live by WWMD (What Would Madonna Do).

–Nicki Hymowitz

“Try” by Colbie Caillat

Almost every song by Colbie makes you feel like the sun is shining down on you, and “Try” is no different. Backed by guitar arpeggios and some seriously soulful vocals, this relaxing ballad fights against all your insecurities in the most beautiful way possible. Take a breather and listen to this track when you’re in need of a confidence boost. –Karissa Perry

“Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it)” by Beyoncé

No description (or ring) necessary. –Karissa Perry

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