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Ways to Welcome Spring, When Winter Won’t Leave

by Rebecca Golub

Photography courtesy of Jessica Ta on Creative Commons on Flickr

Boston weather can be so unpredictable. When it is supposed to be spring, the temperature fluctuates between 30 to 60 degrees.

In terms of fashion, this poses the issue of what kind of outfit to wear that will be weather appropriate from the morning to the evening.

One great way to tackle this issue is by dressing in layers. Wear a short-sleeved top with a bomber or jean jacket on top. If it is on the colder side, take a lightweight jacket along. As for bottoms, wear some cropped jeans, and for an extra layer of warmth, wear some nude tights. It is always a good idea to keep a light scarf on hand as well for those Boston winds.

Another way to welcome the spring is through nail color. Get out of the drab winter color pallet by wearing brighter, pastel colors. Treat yourself to a nice pedicure, while getting in the warm-weather spirit too. On a warm day, you can show off your toes in a pair of strappy sandals on the BU Beach.

Opting for lighter colored lipstick shades can bring on spring vibes as well. Ditch the dark winter red lip shades, and instead, go for peachy pinks and golden nudes. As for seasonal bags, it is time to put away your dark-colored purses. Pastel bags are the go-to spring/summer trend now.

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