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Neighborhood Guide: Allston

by Kate Thrane

photography courtesy of Amanda Willis

Allston is a well-known home for frat parties, college bars and late-night eats; however, this neighborhood has a lot more to offer than late-night thrills. Read on to discover Allston’s hidden gems.

Whole Heart Provisions

Born from the Dig-In and Chipotle “build-your-own” style, Whole Heart Provisions offers vegan and vegetarian customizable bowls. Choose from ingredients such as roasted broccoli, shaved Brussels sprouts or carrot and radish kimchi. Or, for something more adventurous, try their falafel dog with tahini or seared avocado with crispy lentils. Almost everything on the menu is gluten free, too. The best part? They serve Kombucha on tap. It is located right off of Brighton Avenue. For more information, click here.

Twin Donuts

Looking for a cheap and tasty donut? Try Twin Donuts, a no-frills bakery and breakfast place located on Cambridge Avenue. This place is perfect for people who wake up at dawn or stay up until dawn because it opens at 4 a.m. each day. Each donut is less than a dollar and half a dozen donuts can be scored for $4.50. Breakfasts are served diner style—fluffy pancakes, home-style potatoes and eggs made to order. For more information, visit its location at 501 Cambridge Street in Allston.

Brighton Music Hall

This music hall offers shows at least two times a week. The tickets are relatively cheap, about $13 to $15 dollars, which is perfect for a college student on a budget. There are a variety of performers on the fall lineup including The White Panda, The Charlatans, Lucky Chops and Milo Greene. Going to Brighton Music Hall is a rite of passage for a BU college student. For more information, visit their website.

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange is a popular clothing store among college students because it has cheap and stylish clothing. This store is a buy, sell or trade business. Either bring in old clothing to trade in for another item in the store or receive cash on the spot for your items. Buffalo Exchange encourages customers to bring in jeans, sweaters and athletic wear. For more information regarding buying and selling at this store, click here.

Get a tattoo

Located at 155 Harvard Avenue in Allston, Regeneration Tattoo is the perfect place to get inked. There are four independent tattoo artists at this tattoo parlor and walk-ins are encouraged and welcomed. Inside, there are pictures of previous tattoo designs covering the black and yellow walls. There are also orange and white lanterns hanging from the ceiling. Cash and credit are accepted, and business hours can be found here.

Allston has a lot more to offer than nightlife, and it’s all right next to campus. For a fun and exciting day, go explore the hidden gems of Allston!

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