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Coolidge Corner

by Sabrina Weiss

Photo courtesy of Sophie Perez

You don’t need to travel far to escape the bustle on BU’s campus; walk just a few blocks down Babcock Street and you arrive in the peaceful oasis of Coolidge Corner. In one direction, see an old-fashioned movie theatre sign’s flashes, and in the other direction, notice a stretch of delicious Jewish, Japanese and Thai restaurants. Here is a guide to some must-see shops and restaurants in the area.

Dok Bua Thai Kitchen

I am hesitant to write about the Dok Bua Thai Kitchen in case others experience and adore the restaurant as much as I do. But, everyone deserves to experience the delicious Thai cuisine at this restaurant. From the outside, the plastic displays of noodle dishes seem a little off-putting but the Zagat Awards that cover the windows. Inside, the restaurant smells divine and the food lives up to the scent. The crab rangoons and Dok Bua Noodle dish are absolute highlights of the menu, but any choice will surely be devoured. Visit the restaurant or order online.

Temptations Café

Tucked away on Beacon Street, Temptations Café is often quieter than the pricey Allium Market next door. But, the café offers a tasty egg scramble with chorizo, onion, mushrooms, cheddar cheese and sourdough toast, a lavender coffee and fruit, for less than $15. For a quiet spot to study, this coffee shop is ideal for you. The other seats are often occupied by adults stopping by for their lunch breaks rather than the bustling crowd at other cafés on campus. Expand your coffee shop repertoire and add Temptations Café to your rotation.

Coolidge Corner Theatre

The Coolidge Corner Theatre exhibits particular independent films in a beautiful building. The Art Deco treasure shows about four movies each week in the lavish red and gold theatres. In addition to their carefully selected films, the theatre also offers special events and viewings each week. Looking for an upgrade from watching Netflix on your laptop late Friday night? Try Coolidge After Midnite, the late-night showings of interesting 35mm prints. Check out their website to see what exciting events will be showcased only a few blocks from Comm. Ave.

Boston General Store

The charming Boston General Store is curated to portray the founder’s grandmother’s lifestyle: functional, quality and uniquely crafted goods. The products here are sustainable and carefully made. They carry homeware for bathrooms, kitchens, offices and the outdoors. They also carry specific vintage finds such as cable knit sweaters and letterman jackets. Despite having other locations in Massachusetts, the Boston General Store in Coolidge Corner feels intimate and rare. For more information or to order any of their products online, visit their website.

When strolling in Brookline, the charming Coolidge Corner is the perfect surprise to stumble upon. With delicious restaurants and charming shops, this area feels delightful and intimate. If you want to explore the city while only traveling a few blocks into Brookline, Coolidge Corner is the spot for you.

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