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A Guide Compiled by International Students on Their Favorite Restaurants in Boston

by Silah Saigol

Boston is a hotspot for international students as they are drawn to the city and its renowned universities and colleges. They contribute to the diversity and vibrance Boston holds as a city. International students have established their local hotspots and frequented restaurants around the city that create a home away from home for them.

“I like going to KAVA neo-taverna because it’s a Greek restaurant and Greek food is very similar to Arabic and Middle Eastern cuisine,” Aya AlKhalifa (CAS ’22) said. “It almost feels like I’m eating back home in Bahrain, especially because I don’t have the time in college to cook home cooked meals.”

She said: “I especially really like the Lamb Orzo dish because it’s very similar to the Bahraini dishes we eat back home that usually contain rice, tomatoes and lamb. Also, KAVA’s concept of sharing food is very similar to the Middle Eastern culture and it makes my friends and I feel like we’re back home.”

KAVA neo-taverna, located on Shawmut Ave. in Boston’s South End, is tucked away is a hidden gem that is a must-try for all. Not only is it an international student hotspot, but it also serves unique and delicious dishes that create an exquisite experience for all. The restaurant is reasonably priced and contains a cozy atmosphere.

“Without a doubt, my go-to place to eat in Boston is Temazcal Tequila Cantina, located in the upcoming Seaport District,” Nadyan Pimentel (CAS ’21) said. “The Mexican cuisine is well matched by the ambiance of the restaurant. From the elegant interior design, to the music, to the view of the Boston Harbor, Temazcal has the complete package for what I look for in a restaurant.”

Pimentel recommends trying their Steak Fajitas or Camarones Al Ajillo.

For all the Mexican lovers out there, Temazcal is the place to go! Located in the Seaport District, it is also the perfect destination for a night out with friends. Temazcal the remarkable flavors of Mexico to the city.

Ha Nguyen (CAS’21) said, “I am international student from Vietnam. On the weekends, I usually go to Happy Lamb in Boston’s Chinatown. They only serve hotpots there and the restaurant is always crowded. I love the atmosphere and it is a space that my friends and I can gather after a busy week of school and work.”

“Being from Vietnam, the hotpot culture and flavors of the cuisine are a nice reminder of home,” Nguyen said.

Boston’s Chinatown is one of the more vibrant neighborhoods of Boston. It’s famously known for its wide variety of authentic Chinese restaurants and marts. The restaurants in the area are always packed because they provide a one-of-a-kind experience for Chinese international students and Boston natives alike.

Evidently, Boston hosts a wide array of unique neighborhoods, cuisines and restaurants that cater to people from all over the world. No matter where you come from, there is something for everyone in Boston.

With this international students’ guide to some of Boston’s spectacular restaurants, hopefully you can create a home away from home for yourself, too.


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