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Campus Safety at Night

Finding out How Safe People Feel on Campus.

By Julia Goujiamanis

Photo by Xinyi Fu

As the nation’s college capital, students are constantly ambling around different areas of Boston, especially at night.

Whether studying at one of the many college libraries open late or simply exploring with friends, it's easy to be out late in a city where walking and using public transportation is the norm. Concern arise, however, when students travel back to their dorms or apartments alone.

The BU campus stretches nearly two miles long, so 45-minute-walks from one destination toward home is possible, which can increase the risks that generally come with walking at night.

The cost of using driving services, such as Uber and Lyft is relatively high, and as a result this solution isn’t monetarily accessible. Many students simply can’t afford to or would rather not pay the expensive price of a ride, and instead opt for the riskier option of walking. The T is a more affordable option, with fare at $2.40, although it stops service before 1 a.m.

However, for several students, safety didn’t appear to be an overwhelming issue, at least when traveling around BU’s campus.

Ella Leo (CAS ‘26), a freshman living on campus and a member of the rowing team, expressed concern about walking through Allston at night in particular, as well as off-campus side roads. Yet, when it comes to main areas on campus, she isn’t too worried.

“I thought that going to a school in the city would mean that I would feel really unsafe at night,” she said. “But honestly I feel very safe.”

Leo also mentioned that BU does a good job of promoting safety, especially in their strictness with having students sign in to buildings and dorms.

Another student on campus, sophomore Arman Ticku (CAS ‘25), shared that he also feels relatively safe when traveling through campus at night.

“I think there are a lot of well-lit areas,” he said, “and the emergency call boxes are pretty close wherever you are.”

Ticku also said that BU’s administration contributes greatly to overall safety, and cited orientation and resident assistants as helpful in guiding students.

While living on a city campus will always create some risk while traveling late, BU’s campus is a place where students feel relatively safe, and walking at night gives them minimal concerns.

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