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“Guilty Pleasure”

The visceral experience of desire and the moral conflict that arises when innocence collides with wrongdoing.

By Vincent Semidey

Stepping, sneaking, tiptoeing, 

in a store, a child's desire, 

a candy, colorful and sweet, 

caught the eye, a tempting fire.

Heart pounding, palms sweating, 

fingers reaching out to touch, 

the forbidden sugary treat, 

a craving, a longing, too much.

Eyes darting, left and right, 

no one watching, no one near, 

opportunity knocking softly, 

whispering, "No one will hear."

Grasping, snatching, quick escape, 

hands trembling, heart in a twist, 

hidden within a pocket's embrace, 

a stolen treasure, a secret tryst.

But the guilt, oh, it lingers, 

like a shadow, heavy and dark, 

weighing down on tender shoulders, 

leaving an indelible mark.

Innocence tainted, conscience pricked, 

a child's world turned upside down, 

the sweetness now a sour taste, 

regret replacing a triumphant crown.

For the candy, once so coveted, 

now a reminder of a wrongful act, 

a lesson learned, a memory etched, 

a guilty pleasure that cannot retract.

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