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Marathon Monday: BU’s Top Tradition

What you need to know about this unique Boston holiday.

By Bella Chiarieri

Photo by Pinterest

Marathon Monday, also known as MarMon, is one of the biggest and most important traditions for Boston University students. Ranked the second best of all crazy college traditions in the United States by Huffpost, race day is undoubtedly something to participate in during your time at BU.

Boston’s 126th marathon falls on April 17th this year, also known as Patriot’s Day, or the third Monday in April. With classes cancelled for the day, students take advantage of the day off to celebrate with their friends.

The marathon itself starts off around 9 a.m., so students are up early to prepare for the long day ahead of them. Some spend the day party hopping, heading from one gathering to another, while some like to head out to the streets of Boston to view the runners for themselves.

To watch the race, student observers make their way over to the corners of Beacon Street and Park Drive or Beacon Street and Amory Street where the runners will pass through the BU campus around the 24th and 25th miles of the race. The marathon route also passes through Wellesley and Boston Colleges prior to reaching Boston.

Usually, different departments and student clubs will hand out BU gear and snacks, while the BU pep band plays to show the runners they have made it to the Boston University campus.

If you’re not into the marathon, just off of campus over at Fenway, the Red Sox host their annual marathon day game. With the first pitch at 11:10 a.m. it’s the only morning game in the entire Major League Baseball schedule.

The morning game tradition began in 1903 as a way to celebrate Patriot’s Day, and has now evolved into just another Marathon Monday tradition.

With so many options to celebrate the day, there really is something for everyone.Whether you’re a freshman and it’s your first time in Boston during the race or a senior who is hoping to remember their last MarMon fondly, race day is without a doubt one of the best days to be a college student in Boston.


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