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The benefits you may not have known about

By Andrea Lauritsen

It’s that time of the month,you’re tired,experiencing cramps, mood swings like a pendulum in action,or maybe even a massive migraine. Trust me, I get it and have been there myself. As someone who has premenstrual syndrome, the symptoms that come along with having a period are anything but fun.

Even if you do not have PMS, you probably know someone who does, or have experienced some of the symptoms yourself throughout your life.

When these symptoms occur, it is hard to find the motivation to workout. And, while that’s understandable and valid, there are many reasons to workout on your period.

Increases endorphins

When one’s period comes around, usually overall energy levels are low. However, working out is a natural way to increase your energy levels. By increasing your energy levels, your overall mood will improve. When your overall mood improves, you are less likely to face mood swings that will ultimately make your period harder to manage.

Minimizes PMS symptoms

By implementing a routine that incorporates movement, you are more likely to have less symptoms such as migraines and constant cramps. The reason PMS symptoms decrease is because of the hormonal reaction your body has due to the increase in heart rate.

Reduction in anxiety and depression

Due to a physical increase in energy levels, you are mentally affected as well. When you workout on your period, your mind, body, and soul feel good as a result. When you are feeling better mentally, the feeling of anxiety or depression that comes along with your period decreases significantly.

So, does this mean I need to hop on a treadmill and run a marathon to feel amazing? Absolutely, not. In fact, strenuous activity is not recommended and should be avoided on your period. However, workouts to try that will make you feel better include yoga, weightlifting, pilates, spin, and light running to name.

At the end of the day, you need to do what is best for you, and only you know what your body is

truly capable of handling. Sometimes, our bodies need a complete halt to soak up as much rest and relaxation as we can! That is okay if that is what your body needs. However, if you need a boost or a glimpse of motivation, hopefully these tips succeed in providing you what you were looking for.


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