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The Benefits of a City Campus

Do the advantages outweigh the lack of a traditional college campus?

By Bella Chiarieri

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When beginning my college search, I knew the one thing I wanted was to be in a big city; I wanted to explore a city that had a lot to offer, whether that be great food, events, or close proximity to fun adventures.

Before starting this fall at Boston University, the main concern in the back of my mind was whether I’d enjoy college in a city campus — it would be unlike anything I was used to. Now that I’m here, I know that I made the right choice.

Some may argue that a college campus running along one street in a city isn’t a true campus. They ask, “Where’s the quad?” or “Where does the city end and the campus start?”

But, those questions are actually easy to answer. The BU Beach is the best spot on campus to see your friends while sitting on the bank of the Charles River; a quad isn’t necessary when great river views are available.

Or, if you want to feel like you’re on a “real” college campus every now and then, head over to West Campus where the tight-knit dorms feel like a tucked away community filled with familiar faces.

East campus has a more “city feel,” being within a few minutes walk of famous Boston neighborhoods. Just around the corner from the Questrom school of Business, you’ll find yourself at Fenway, where you can catch a Red Sox game, concert, or enjoy some shopping.

Although traversing down Commonwealth Avenue may not be the most traditional journey to classes, the city’s walkability, MBTA system, and BU Bus routes make for an easy commute.

Going to college in Boston, the largest city in New England, has one primary advantage: there’s always something interesting to do. If you’re a foodie, you can enjoy exploring the North End for some tasty restaurants. History buffs can check out Boston’s rich past by walking the Freedom Trail. Sports fans can easily watch a baseball game right here on campus at Fenway. All of these adventures are just a T ride away.

Going to school in Boston is one of the best aspects about going to BU. With so many things to do at your fingertips, you’ll never be bored. There may not be a big football stadium for students to rally around, but there is a sense of community inside and outside of a campus that can only be found in a city.


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