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The Most Aesthetically Pleasing Places to Eat in Town

By Mia Parker

From beautifully-plated meals to aesthetically pleasing bathrooms, Boston is inundated with restaurants that will not only satisfy your taste buds, but your eyes as well.

Many of the newer spots in the city are very appealing to Gen Z and their love of social media, through their eye-catching decor and plating. At these restaurants, your phone eats first, and both your appetite and Instagram feed will benefit.

Here are four of the most ‘Instagrammable’ restaurants in Boston!

Citrus & Salt

Located in Back Bay, Citrus & Salt specializes in coastal Mexican cuisine, with mostly tacos and tapas on their menu. Apart from the delicious food, the restaurant also brandishes fun and bright decor.

Their main dining room features a pink and white color palette, with bright blue and yellow touches. String lights are hung around the ceiling, creating a lively mood and atmosphere.

Not to mention, you’ll definitely spend a long time taking mirror selfies in their bathroom, which is colorfully decorated and features the phrase “I didn’t text you. Tequila did,” painted on the mirror.


You’ve probably seen Yvonne’s on your Instagram feed without knowing it. Besides its delicious small-plate menu with various dishes, the speakeasy-inspired eatery is filled with marble floors, a library lounge, hanging portraits, and chandeliers.

The iconic part of Yvonne’s is its bathroom. It features a velvety orange couch and a chandelier, making the perfect backdrop for your next Instagram post.

Pro-tip: Make reservations ahead of time! Spots can fill up even 2-4 weeks in advance.


Lolita’s dark mood and almost vampirish decor create a dramatic setting, perfect for your Instagram story. The dining room is filled with red and black accents and dark wooden tables.

In addition to the awe-inspiring decor, this Mexican eatery boasts a variety of Instagrammable foods. They’re most known for their cotton candy, which is fun to eat and look at!

Pink Taco

Pink Taco is another classic Boston restaurant. The coastal Mexican-inspired cuisine is delicious, with the bright and colorful decor] making for a lively brunch or dinner.

Many go for “the OG Pink Taco,” which comes in pink corn tortillas. This vibrant meal pairs well with any of their frozen margaritas, which can be served in pineapples. Definitely check out their Boston location on Congress Street!

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