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The Best Campus Spots for Your Favorite Fall Show

As the leaves begin to turn, everyone deserves a binge-worthy show to compliment that fall feeling, but where on campus is the perfect place to watch it?

By Allyn Tucker

Have you ever had the urge to fully immerse yourself in the world of your favorite TV show? There’s no “Central Perk” or “Luke’s Diner” in the real world, but these campus options are a close second.

If you, like the rest of the population, turn on Gilmore Girls as soon as you feel the first fall breeze, put on your favorite sweater and head to Pavement Coffeehouse. Situated just across the street from the College of Arts and Sciences, Pavement has a cozy, comfortable, slightly eccentric atmosphere to match the Stars Hollow charm. Although they may not feature Lane Kim and Hep Alien’s band covers, the music always seems to match the perfect energy. Most importantly, once you’ve reached the counter for your fifth coffee of the day, you can claim Lorelai Gilmore status.

Looking for a new satirical comedy this fall season? Surrounded by a cut-throat group of business students, Questrom is the perfect place to engross yourself in the long battle for the title of Waystar Royco CEO. If you’re as overly invested in the Roy family as the rest of HBO Max users, Questrom’s second-floor study lounge may be your favorite spot on campus. After spending your mornings in class, learning the skills necessary to compete with Kendall Roy for his father Logan’s prestigious job, take a well-deserved break and turn on Succession.

Spotted: Dan Humphrey strolling along the brownstone-filled Bay State Road. The CW’s Gossip Girl is known for its iconic crew of Upper East Siders, but–spoiler alert–Gossip Girl himself resides in a Pinterest-worthy Brooklyn brownstone. After a long school day, Dan goes home for dinner with Jenny and Rufus in their infamous, supposedly cheap but realistically insanely expensive, brownstone apartment. If you’re lucky enough to live in BU’s brownstones, turn on your favorite episode and imagine Dan conspiring in the apartment next door.

Next time you open your computer to one of these iconic shows, or whichever series you favor this season, may this guide inspire you to cozy up, explore a new campus environment, and immerse yourself in your go-to comfort show.


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