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Who Needs an Overnight Stay Anyways?

How I Made the Most of My 12-Hour Layover in Zurich.

By Eden Mor

Photo by Pexels

Layovers don't have to be spent sitting in an airport. As someone who generally shies away from them, I didn't know how to feel about my 12-hour layover in Zurich while traveling from New York to Tel Aviv. Zurich is known as one of the most expensive cities in Europe, and I wasn't sure how to kill the 12 hours. It turns out my layover was the perfect amount of time to indulge in Zurich's highlights.

A 15-minute train ride from the airport will take you straight to the heart of the city. If you've got the time, look no further than the Swiss National Museum, which is right across the street from the station.

Old City

Head in the other direction away from the train station for a slow walk-through Zurich's Old City. The district, Die Altstadt, is encased in colorful townhouses and cobblestone roads. Zurich is also known for its fountains that decorate nearly every corner of Old City.


If you want to do some shopping or are looking to bring home some Swiss chocolate, head to Bahnhofstrasse. The shopping street is an extension of Old City, and is packed with every store you can imagine.


Although Zurich is known for its fondue, I'll be the first to say I didn't enjoy it when I tried it. Not to mention, it can be expensive. Instead, opt for a raclette sandwich - essentially fondue between two slices of bread. This Swiss delicacy is delicious, but also can be found in fast-food form.

So, if you are looking for a cheaper flight but are dreading an inconveniently timed layover, look no further than Zurich. Trust me, your Instagram feed won't regret it!

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