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What comes to mind when you think of pearls? Stuffy? Preppy? Well, if it was a few months ago, you would definitely not think trendy. Now, it’s time to think again. Pearls have been reinvented to have a new look and have become a staple in every “it” girl or boy’s accessory lineup.

The pearl is such an iconic piece of jewelry. Pearl jewelry was first popularized by Jackie O. and Audrey Hepburn, so it is no surprise that these sparkling white pieces have been associated with class and poise for years.

Recently, pearl jewelry has become less conventional. The new and improved pearl trend breaks the rules of tradition. There is no time and place for the pearl. No need to dress up for a special occasion in order to sport the accessories. The trend has been up-and-coming for a while. Gigi Hadid has been spotted with a string of pearls paired with a basic tee and trousers.

One of the main proponents for this new take on a classic has been none other than Mr. Harry Styles. Of course, Styles is the king constantly breaking gender norms and creating trends, and this new addition to his wardrobe has been no different. He has been seen sporting pearl necklaces on several occasions, from the red carpet to just casual ensembles. Most notably, in Harry’s recent video for his song “Golden,” he paired a string of pearls with a yellow bucket hat. Casual. Well, fans were quick to find out that the necklace came from the brand éliou. Once all of the Harry fans and the fashion addicts found out, the necklace was instantly out of stock.

TikTok has also propelled the trend into the fashion scene. Out of nowhere came the resurgence of the classic Vivienne Westwood pearl choker. Suddenly, every influencer on TikTok had one and it became a must-have item. So next time you consider buying a new staple accessory to add to your collection, it looks like the pearl is the way to go.

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